Most Hen Parties in planning hen party pranks will entail much more than just your average events for the night. It will most certainly include a couple of pranks to be played on the bride in good faith. However, all pranks that are suggested by the Hens needs to be considered very carefully, as not all pranks are suitable for the occasion. It could land the bride-to-be in very hot water if it is not carefully thought through. You have been warned!

A good prank that will need some careful planning is to tell the bride-to-be the wedding has been cancelled. Firstly, you will have to get your hands on her mobile phone. It is more likely to happen when she has to visit the ladies room, although it could be better to wait until she has a bath, as we all know females are otherwise firmly attached to their phones. The trick is to find a number stored in her phone book which she will not be very familiar with (add the number of her attending yet long-lost cousin if you have to, but make it quick!) and change the name of the chosen contact to that of her groom. It will not work if the bride-to-be has a good memory regarding telephone numbers. The rest is fairly straight-forward. A text will be sent to her phone and her “husband’s” name will display on the screen, reading as something like “I thought it through and I cannot go on with this lie. I cannot marry you”. The punch line of the prank is you have to phone the “husband” on behalf of the bride-to-be and then watch her face when it is her cousin’s phone that rings.

A rather popular old-time favourite is face painting the bride. It is very successful when she had a few glasses of wine too many and passed out on the chair. Remember to buy face paint before the time to write and paint on her face, otherwise you will have to crack out the lipsticks.

A prank that should not be done a day before the wedding, is drawing a moustache on the face of the bride in permanent marker. It may seem hilarious at the time, but it will not be funny or pretty when the bride-to-be meets her groom at the altar as the spitting image of him.

Classic games that are played at Hen Parties are “Challenge” and “Truth or Dare”. Although the games are very alike, the difference is that in one the bride will only be dared, whereas with the other she has the choice to either be dared or tell the truth.

Dare games are often the most fun activity during a Hen party. It can be funny or even outright embarrassing, just as long as everybody remembers it is done in the name of good, clean fun. It should not be played with the sole intent of embarrassing the bride.

We all know the ins and outs of Truth or Dare. If a dare is chosen, the bride has to comply with the execution thereof. If she does not want to answer the question of a truth challenge or ultimately do the dare, what alternative do you have? Dares forms the biggest part of a hen party but it may be that the bride does not feel comfortable enough with a particular dare. It does not mean that the bride forfeits the round, oh no. Before the game starts, all the hens should decide on two or three alternatives which can be chosen when the bride does not want to do either the truth or the dare. This alternative can be anything from downing a shot of Tequila or the payment of a small fine. Since it is hen party, maybe the bride can stand on the table and cluck like a chicken and flap her arms?

The more outgoing the group of hens are the funnier or more ridiculous the games or pranks can be. Games and pranks should be creative. Use your imagination. Don’t just follow the old trends of previous Hen Parties. It should ultimately be an evening to be enjoyed by everyone present, especially the bride. So be careful in your planning!

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