The first thing that will run through your mind when you have to organise a hen party, is “What could I possibly plan?” Because there are so many possible activities available, we have decided to do some research and to narrow the activities down to a Top Three. So, in no particular order and without further a due, here are the three activities that are chosen by most as their activity of choice.

Theme up your hen party with a Vintage dance class

1- Dance Classes:

The dance class is surely going to be the very first activity you have planned for the evening and you can rest assured that it will most definitely determine the mood for the remainder of the evening. It is the best interactive event especially for those hens who do not yet know one another. It creates an opportunity for all Hens to meet and greet in a relaxed way and have loads of fun as a group. And it is really not your average Waltz, although, if that is your taste there is nothing from stopping you to find a venue which will teach the hens a dance of this stature. But why not be a little more creative? Choose a dance such as the Salsa, Dirty Dancing or Thriller by Michael Jackson? You could even transport all of you back into time and choose a Disco Diva class, where all the best dance moves of the 80’s and the 90’s can be explored. Have you ever wanted to dance like Beyonce while shouting “If you liked it then you should have put a ring on it”? Here is your opportunity. Be daring and choose to Burlesque. Think Cher and Christina Aguilera while you are out there and dance like the goddess you are. There are dance classes available throughout the entire Ireland; all you have to do is pick up the phone and request them to cater to your dancing needs. Hens are sure to have a great time while learning how to swing their arms and thrust their hips to the rhythm of the appropriate music.

2- A day at The Spa:

Spa days ranks in the top as it is simply a great way to spend a relaxing day. Besides the treatments available, you can make your way from the sauna to the steam room, the swimming pool and the relaxation chamber. A day at a spa is almost unbeatable in terms of feeling pampered and relatively relaxed. A top tip that you should remember: Be sure that you book a full body massage as part of the package. This will put you right into the right relaxation mode; in fact, you may not even want to (or be able to) get up from the massage table by the time the masseuse is done with you. Grab the hens and head off to your nearest Spa, or as part of a package at a destination of your choice. You will never regret it.

3- Cocktail Making:

Cocktail making is really popular and it is not difficult to understand why. Have you ever watched the movie “Cocktail” and secretly wished that you could be able to spin the bottles in the air with ease and make the best cocktails with seemingly little effort? This could finally be your chance to do just that.

Everybody loves to drink an excellent cocktail. Some people may say that certain things tastes better when it has been made by another person, especially coffee. But let’s face it; coffee is no Mojito and wouldn’t you want to learn how to make your own? Or how about a Cosmopolitan? You could really learn a few neat tricks from your presiding cocktail mixologist about the various methods in which a cocktail can be shaken up, mixed or stirred. Rest assured that you really do not have to pay attention to everything if you are only interested in mixing up the best Margaritas in town.

A lesson in the mixing of cocktails can be booked in almost every city offering hen party activities. That means that, no matter which destination you choose, there is almost a sure certainty that you will be able to add a quick session concerning the art of cocktail making, no matter whether it is to be shaken or stirred. It is also sure to invoke a fun filled afternoon with loads of laughter and mixed spirits (alcohol, that is).