crazy dancingWhy Choose to Have a Dance Class as an Activity for a Hen Party?

The real question is “Why not?”

Dance classes for hen party

It is easy and predictable to organise a Hen-do that has seen the same repetition a hundred times over. If you don’t want to make a real effort, that is surely the way to do it. Do you really want to follow the same old routine as most of the other Hen parties that went down in history? Do you really want to be classified as “unoriginal”?

We all know that the Hen Party is about the bride-to-be; without a doubt. But you could ultimately stand out as The One who made it the greatest party ever. You could be known as the person who planned The Hen Party of all Hen Parties. All because you organised a Hen-do with a twist. You decided to make it more fun and interesting by booking a dance class for all the attending hens!

Let’s face it: not all females are keen on going to yet another Hen Party which may or may not be fairly good, where they ultimately drink themselves to oblivion and act as if they are the bride, all because they have nothing else to do. After all, the Hen Party is an important occasion in its own and should be able to leave all the Hens with memories they can cherish.

A dance class incorporated into your organised Hen Party is the ideal way to get all the hens in a party mood. Who cares if not all of them can dance? That is not the point. The goal is to get a couple of females together as a group in celebration to the bride, who enjoys themselves in the name of fun. That is what girls were made for!

First of all, you have to decide on which class you want the Hens to attend. There are several dance classes of all genres available which are specifically designed for Hen Parties. So do not fear. If you do not know where to start, your first tip should be to get your fingers tapping away on the computer keyboard and search the internet for places close to your area, or at the location where you intend for the rest of the Hen activities to take place. You are sure to find a few agents who offer great deals and classes to boot for.

If you have a specific dance class in mind but you don’t see it here, then ask us and we will do our best to help you. If you don’t know exactly what you are looking for yet, some ideas on dance classes are Burlesque, Thriller (yes, the moves as performed by the One and Only Michael Jackson), Beyonce (which, if you prefer, can be performed by you and the rest of the girls for the other guests at the wedding; that is if you can remember all the steps through your laughter), Dirty Dancing (The most often requested), Salsa, themes from the 80’s and 90’s and popular routines as performed by Boy bands such as Blue.

There are so many dance classes available which you can choose from. If you are not certain as to which class will suit the group best, you can always quiz a few of your fellow Hens in order to make sure a class is chosen that will suit most of them.

Hen Party dance classes are available throughout Ireland with DancingHen (If don’t see the location you are looking for here, don’t hesitate to contact us, we will probably be able to organise something for you). It is not only a fun activity to do, it could also help you to pick up a few tips which you can put to the club-test and maybe even impress a few people with.

Hen Party dance classes are mainly designed to assist the Hens in learning a few typical classic dance moves. All the classes are choreographed and presented by trained instructors. After the fundamental steps, moves and essential booty shaking routines are mastered, the Hens will be presented with a fantastic dance routine finale where they can incorporate all they have learnt as a whole and, feel very proud of themselves.

So, now that you know it is possible to plan a dance class activity for the Hen Party, why not go ahead? Search your venue, pick a theme and wait for the fun to begin. Tell all your fellow Hens to get that perfect outfit ready especially for the dance class and get your booties out on the floor!